How are Activities tested with Mock 'fake' SMS messages and the Mock Phone?

Your Frontline workspace features a Mock Phone which you can use to test the functionality in your workspace without needing to connect and send real SMS messages.

Messages that are sent through this phone will show up in your Inbox, update the Mock Contact and will also trigger Activities in your workspace, just like a real inbound SMS would.

No real SMS messages are actually created, however, which means you do not need to spend money on SMSs or time creating an SMS Connection to test your Activities and check out Frontline.  Both Mock inbound SMS messages and replies that you send to the Mock number +699699699 (either directly using the Send SMS box or through your Activities) will be shown in the Mock Phone as an SMS conversation.

Launching the mock phone

In the bottom-right of the screen, there is a button that launches the Mock Phone.  Before you interact with and Mock SMS you will see some help text introducing the feature:


Because the phone appears over the top of the app's other content, when you are not using the Mock phone you can hide it by clicking the close X or the Hide link below the phone's message composer.


(L-R) The initial view of the Mock Phone; The conversation view on the Mock Phone, here the user creates a Mock inbound SMS "book" which triggered a Mock outbound SMS reply from a booking Activity.

Creating inbound Mock SMS

When the mock phone is displayed, you can use the message composer on the phone to type in a message to be sent as you would if the phone was a real phone in your hand. Send by hitting Enter.

The messages you send here using the Mock phone will all appear in your Frontline workspace as SMS messages from the default Mock phone number +699699699.


Mock SMS messages appear with their envelopes slightly greyed out so that they appear separate to real SMS messages.  Above you can see the difference between a real and a Mock SMS within an Inbox.

Receiving outbound Mock SMS

You can also send messages directly to the Mock Phone so that the Mock Contact receives the message.

All messages sent from you or your Activities in your Frontline workspace to the dummy phone number will appear in the Mock Phone's conversation view. Messages received on your Mock phone are only displayed when you have the phone open, and can also be viewed on the Mock Contact's record in the People section.

**Testing Activities using Mock Phone**

Because your Frontline workspace's Activities are triggered by Mock SMS in the same way that real SMS do, the Mock Phone provides a quick and cheap way to test new Activities and updates.

All message replies will appear in the Mock phone's conversation view so you can use this to view all of the outcomes of automated workflows that you have set up.

Note that any Activity forwarding SMS to other phone numbers, or via outbound API requests to external services, will behave in the exact same way as it would when a real SMS is received.

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