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FrontlineSMS has always been there for two reasons; sending/receiving SMS and managing those SMS.  We believe that automating as much of your SMS communications as possible is an important part of the process, in fact it is often the reason for using SMS and Frontline.

Activities are the automation toolset of Frontline.  Think of them as a team of butlers that take instructions on what to do when certain events happen or at certain times of the day, and then sit back and let them get on with it!

You can tell Frontline’s activities to do certain things when an SMS arrives, or when a Missed Call is registered.  You can check these messages for content and then perform tailored specific actions such as forwarding the SMS, replying with a special SMS or managing the groups in which the sender is in.

Activities have always been an integral part of Frontline, but since December 2014 they got a lot more powerful….

The Activities overview 

 This is where you begin to create new Activities, edit already existing  and manage them. All created Activities appear here and a summary of each Activity is listed; Activity type, Name, Keywords used, the interaction that triggers the Activity, date of creation, last time of trigger and the total number of events. You can also switch the Activities that are not currently in use OFF or ON when you need to use them again instead of deleting them. 


 The Activities edit screen 

 You can access this by clicking the 'Edit ' button on the right side of the screen. The edit screens details will vary according to the type of Activity you are editing.  Here's an example screen for a poll edit screen. 


The Activity view screen 

You can view more details for your Activities from here such as the exact events that have triggered it. You can expand the events links or click on them to view them from the Inbox. There is also a link to the edit screen on this page. 





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