The 'Flash to join' activity

This activity only works with a FrontlineSync connection. You can read more about setting up FrontlineSync in the following articles; connecting FrontlineSync to FrontlineCloud and connecting FrontlineSync to FrontlineSMS. After you have set up the connection and ensured that its working, proceed with the steps below to set up the Activity. 

Step 1: From the Activities page ,click the 'Create Activity' and select the 'Flash to Join' Activity from the Activity selector. 

Step 2: Enter the details as explained below. 


Step 3: Set up the details of the Activity:

  1. Enter a name for the Activity.
  2. Select the group that the contacts who flash will be added to. You have the option to select a group that you have previously created in the 'People' section or you can create one within the activity and it will be saved.
  3. You can add a text message if you want your contacts to receive feedback that their Missed call has been received.  
  4. Ensure that you have selected to use a FrontlineSync connection in the advanced configuration section otherwise the activity will fail to work.

In the example above, we have set up an activity where people can subscribe to a FrontlineSMS training session. When someone interested flashes the number we have given them, (this is the number of the android phone used to configure the FrontlineSync connection), they will be added to the group 'FrontlineSMS members' and will also receive a Message with the details about the training session.

Step 4: Save the activity details. A summary of the activity will appear in the list on the activities page and you can switch it ON /OFF as you need to use it.  




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