How can I use my Android phone as a gateway with FrontlineSMS: Creating a FrontlineSync Connection

Step 1: Install FrontlineSync from the Google Play Store.

FrontlineSync is compatible with Android versions 2.3.0 and above. After completing the installation, open the application and follow the steps outlined below.

Step 2 : Open the app on the Android device

You will be presented with a sign-in form.  Fill in the form below using your FrontlineCloud email and password and Connect. Once your credentials have been authenticated, you will be shown the Options screen...

Step 3: Edit the Connection Options

The default connection settings are shown below which you can override now or once the connection is created.  More details on the Options are here

A higher check frequency consumes more of your battery power, but will mean message queued in Frontline will be picked more quickly by the phone for sending.

Step 4 : Finish FrontlineSync Setup

DONE! START USING FRONTLINESYNC, click to finish the setup. Congratulations! You have successfully connected FrontlineSync to FrontlineCloud.

A new Connection will have been made in your Frontline workspace.

You can read more on the FrontlineSync dashboard here.

Step 5 : Confirm connection setup in FrontlineCloud

Login to FrontlineCloud to confirm that the connection has been created. The name will contain the phone details from which the connection has been created, and the date and time it was created.  

You can rename this to anything you like, for example you can add the number that is associated with the Sim card in the phone for clarity e.g. Alex's Nexus 5 +254 721 555 888


Note that the FrontlineSync connection status is now green showing that there is a connection between FrontlineSync and Frontline. If you expand the connection options link, you will see that the Options you chose in set up match what you set up on FrontlineSync.



NB1 Management tip

Now that you have the connection we have a simple 5-step checklist for maintaining:

NB2 Sending rates on FrontlineSync

Tests that ran in May 2016 showed that a 'cheap normal' Samsung J1 Mini phone sent 40 SMSs per minute (~1.5 seconds per SMS) / 2,400 per hour. Most of this time was the phone waiting for the network to respond.

FrontlineSync does not limit the number of messages that can be sent via the app. However, your Android device or mobile service provider may limit the number of messages that can be sent over a given period.  See more details here:

Please let us know how the set up process worked for you by filling our feedback form. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve the product.

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