[LAN connections only] Creating a FrontlineSync connection on FrontlineSMS Desktop

FrontlineSync is an Android app which allows users to connect their device to FrontlineSMS in order to use the device as a connection for sending and receiving SMSs and tracking Missed Calls. 

FrontlineSync does not directly limit the number of messages that can be sent via the app, however, your Android device or mobile service provider may limit the number of messages that can be sent during a given period.

Please note this document is for users connecting their Android phone to FrontlineSMS Desktop using a Local Area Network (LAN).  LAN connections are much more complex and we recommend connecting using our FrontlineSMS Cloud document if you are connecting to your cloud.frontlinesms.com workspace.  This process is as easy as signing in with your email address and password.

Setting up a new FrontlineSync Connection on FrontlineSMS Desktop

Enabling the use of FrontlineSync as an SMS and missed call gateway is a 2 step process; you must create a FrontlineSync connection in your FrontlineSMS workspace, then you will need to download and install the FrontlineSync Android app on your Android through the Play Store. Information from your new connection will then need to be entered into the Android app:

Step 1:Creating your connection in FrontlineSMS Desktop

  1. Navigate to the connections under the settings menu (the settings cog on the top right of your workspace) in FrontlineSMS and click the 'Connect to mobile network' button.
  2. A list of the available connections will appear as below. Click on  FrontlineSync. This will create a new connection named 'FrontlineSync Connection'
  3. Your new connection will now appear on your Connections page. The connection will have be set to 'Connecting status (Orange light)' while it waits to complete the connection to the Android App. On the routing rule preferences, ensure that  'Use FrontlineSync connection' is checked as shown on the image below. Having no rules checked will cause all your outgoing SMS to fail. mfm.PNG
  4. Click on 'FrontlineSync connection' to edit the Connection to a name of your choice. E.g Work Phone. This will make it easier to identify your Connections in case you want to create more than one. This is an optional step you can opt to leave the connection name as it is.
  5. Your work on FrontlineSMS is now done and you now need to enter details into the Android app.

Step 2: Installing FrontlineSync on Phone and connecting the app

  1. If not downloaded already, please visit the Google Play Store and download FrontlineSync onto your Android.  FrontlineSync is compatible with Android versions 2.3.0 and above. After completing the installation, open the application to configure your connection:

  2. Tap on "Connect to FrontlineSMS Desktop over LAN Instead"
  3. Enter your Android Identifier and Passcode which were generated in the final step of setting up your new connection in your FrontlineSMS workspace.  You will also need to enter the address of your FrontlineSMS computer; see further details on how to get this address.
    You can define a port number of your choice in this step, however the application will append port 8130 by default if not set. The protocol expected is http:// and this will also be auto-completed if missing.

  4. The app will now try to contact your FrontlineSMS workspace. If successful the connection status will automatically update to the Green 'Connected' state as an indication that there is communication. You will only be able to proceed to Step 3/4 if the app successfully finds and connects to your workspace.
  5. Once a connection has been reached you need to set the data that you would like FrontlineSync to handle. Here you can also set the frequency that the FrontlineSync will communicate with FrontlineSMS; a lower number here will mean FrontlineSync checks with FrontlineSMS more regularly but can affect your Android's battery life. The app will appear as below before and after you set up your sync options.






You are all set!  Next you will be taken to the app's dashboard. See more details on the dashboard.


If you now return to FrontlineSMS, you will now see that the FrontlineSync connection status is now green showing that there is communication with your Android phone. If you expand the connection options  link, you will see that the Options you chose in set up match what you set up on the Android.



Added Information

If you notice that your FrontlineSync connection is not sending or receiving messages and uploading missed calls:

  • Check that the application on your Android app has not been switched off. If the app is off there will be a notification on the dashboard about the app being inactive and you can proceed to switch it on under settings options 
  • Check that you have configured your sync settings as explained here 
  • Ensure that you have got enough mobile phone credit and that the phone is connected to Internet.
  • Ensure that the connection is not disabled on FrontlineSMS.
  • Check that the Connection is placed first on top of your routing rules.

 Please let us know how the set up process worked for you by filling our feedback form. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help us to improve the product. 

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