Sending your FrontlineSync Logs

You can send us your FrontlineSync logs for analysis whenever you are having trouble with the connection by following the short steps below.


Step 1: From the Settings page, you'll find the 'Send FrontlineSync Logs' button. Select the option to use Email when prompted. This will open the logs in a precomposed email in your default email account on your phone's browser as in the Gmail example below.
 Step 2: Send the email, and you should receive a confirmation email from There's no need to set any recipient as this is already pre populated by the app.
Step 3: You will receive further feedback from our support team after they've analyzed your logs to determine where the problem lies. 


Note: You can only send logs if you are running version S-95. Lower versions do not have this feature. Confirm the version you are running under the FrontlineSync settings. If you have a lower version, update to the latest version from Google play store. You will still retain your logs. To access the settings, tap on the Settings button from the FrontlineSync dashboard.

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