How much does FrontlineCloud cost?

Many users know us from our free, open-source desktop application, FrontlineSMS. You can continue to download and use FrontlineSMS at no cost.

FrontlineCloud represents an upgraded experience for many users. It has some key advantages over FrontlineSMS, provided you have consistent internet access. These advantages include:

- the ability to log in from anywhere in the world to access your contacts, messages, and the rest of our great features

- connection to SMS aggregator providers and/or SMSSync - in other words, the ability to run FrontlineCloud without a device physically attached to your computer

- priority user support

For this reason, FrontlineCloud comes with a monthly subscription fee of $25 / month. You will still need to pay for the text messages themselves, but as far as the application goes, the monthly subscription fee is all you have to pay. The agreement is month-to-month, meaning you can leave at any time. You have control over what we do with your data should you choose to leave.

Sending text messages will be an additional cost. You can use an Android phone or one of our partner web aggregator services. You can review their prices and features and select the service that is best for you.

We also offer consulting services to help support you in planning for mobile engagement. You can read more about our consulting services on our website. If you need additional tailored support then please email us via to find out about our service contracts, project design, training consultancy and technical support services.

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