What can I do with FrontlineCloud and FrontlineSMS?

Both FrontlineCloud and FrontlineSMS aim to make text message data more accessible and useful, allowing our users to engage with people nearly anywhere there's a mobile phone.

FrontlineSMS is designed for under-served regions where other tools may not be available. It relies on locally available technology -- a laptop and a basic mobile phone or a modem. It allows users to easily send, receive and manage text messages, which can be useful for a variety of activities in many different sectors. The platform is being used all around the world for activities such as election monitoring, humanitarian response, field data collection, community surveys, health information, market price information, educational programs, political campaigning, and weather updates. How could the functions and features we've listed below help you in your work?

FrontlineCloud is a pay-per-month, web-hosted version of the desktop product. It allows businesses, governments, and non-profits to log in from anywhere to access their messages and manage their account. It gives you the freedom to engage anywhere, any time.

 Below are some of the typical uses of both platforms.

Exchanging information and data

  • Receive messages from the public as part of competitions or surveys
  • Exchange information with field staff and community members
  • Connect with other tools such as Ushahidi and other third-party platforms
  • Export the SMS data received, for sharing, review and/ or analysis

Monitoring and evaluation

  • Collect SMS data, simply as a message body, organized by a keyword, or even semi-structured
  • Provide project participants with an opportunity to provide feedback via SMS, then collect and analyze this information
  • Training respondents to send structured SMS, with different fields separated by commas or other markers. Alternatively you can use a code protocol to help people structure replies that contain lots of information, such as this code wheel idea from InSTEDD.

To learn more about how our software is used please visit the  guides and case studies section of our website.

For full information about all features and functions available in FrontlineSMS and FrontlineCloud, visit our website: www.frontlinesms.com.

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