What devices do I need for FrontlineSMS desktop software?

FrontlineSMS requires a GSM modem or a mobile phone to be connected to your computer via serial port, USB or Bluetooth. GSM modems are recommended over using a mobile phone, because they have the capacity to send and receive larger numbers of SMS, and can be more reliable to set up.

GSM modems are more commonly used to browse the Internet and send and receive email from a computer. These devices come in many features and specifications, although you will most probably recognize them as the USB “dongles” sold in many mobile phone shops. Not all GSM modems or phones are compatible with FrontlineSMS software, because there are many different makes and models available on the market.

It is highly recommended to use an unlocked GSM modem device, because you will be able to use it with a SIM for any network. This means you can use the modem in any country you are able to get a local SIM card.

Tip: When you purchase your device, ask your provider whether or not it will be possible to change the SIM card if you choose to use a different network provider.

To ensure that your phone, computer or device works with FrontlineSMS, see the FrontlineSMS Overview page on our website.

We rely on our users to share their experiences with the FrontlineSMS community and to help populate our crowd-sourced device database. If you use a phone or USB device that is not on our list of working devices, let us know. Fill out a New Report about the device you have tested.

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