Changing Languages: FrontlineSMS Desktop

The default language of FrontlineSMS is English, but this can be changed to a large number of other languages if you would like to use these instead. This page will describe how to change the language of the text in FrontlineSMS. settings_language.png

Changing Language

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu (1).
  2. In the section entitled “Language” (2), select the language you wish to change FrontlineSMS to using the drop box menu.
  3. Select “Apply”.

FrontlineSMS will change to the language you have specified.

Accessing System Logs

1.Navigate to the Settings menu

2. On the left hand side menu, click 'Systems Logs to expand and view the logs.

3. Select a range to download e.g all time, last 24hours etc.

4.Your downloaded logs should be saved in your default download folder. 

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