Setting up a Modem or Phone: FrontlineSMS Desktop

Setting up a Modem or Phone

Before you can start using FrontlineSMS , you will have to connect and configure a device to send and receive messages. Some of the work is done automatically by FrontlineSMS to make it easier for you. If you are having trouble setting up a phone or modem, or want step-by-step instructions to get started, then this page will explain how to connect and configure a phone or modem in FrontlineSMS. The detection process differs if you have already attached your device to your computer before running FrontlineSMS and when you attach a device while FrontlineSMS is running.

Detecting a Phone or a Modem

FrontlineSMS can automatically connect to your phone or modem, provided that it can gather specific information. We call this device detection. You can follow the steps below to ensure your device is connected properly.

  1. If it's already open, close the FrontlineSMS software. This is to make sure your phone or modem is connecting correctly to your computer, before connecting it to our application.

  2. Once FrontlineSMS is closed, make sure your phone or modem is physically connected to your computer.

  3. Make sure that the driver software is installed. For newer Windows and Mac machines, the drivers should install automatically when you attach your phone or modem to your computer for the first time. If you don't know how to do this, please consult your device's operating instructions.

  4. Once your device is attached and the device's drivers have been installed, please start FrontlineSMS.

  5. FrontlineSMS will automatically detect the attached device and begin to collate the information it needs to create a usable connection.

Note: This process can take a few minutes. Please be patient and allow the software time to work. You will be notified if the connection has failed or if no device is detected. If the connection fails then click here to manually set up a connection.

  1. After a few minutes, a notification should appear informing you that a successful connection has been established to your device and it can now be used for sending and receiving messages.

This will also be indicated by a green light on the Connections page.


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