Autotag SMS

Tags provide a means to group related interactions into folders. This Activity checks through incoming SMS messages to find if the message text matches any of the Keywords. If it contains one or more of your chosen keywords then the incoming SMS is tagged and grouped into one or more folders of your chosen tag names.

Interesting ways to use this activity

  1. Community Management: You can use this to group interested participants for an event or multiple events by putting out the keyword that should be texted in to express interest.  For example “football” could be tagged with ‘sports’ for future segmentation.
    If you have more than one sport you can use "nested tags" which can group tags a little like subfolders - for example sports//football and sports//soccer (see our Tags article for more info)
  2. Clients’ feedback Analysis: This is ideal for a simple situation where you have an SMS channel for receiving client feedback for your brand, a service or a product. You can then use it to group client messages into folders detailing how they feel about the brand. Over time you can pick up trends from the clients and you can know the most likely keywords that would show a dissatisfied client such as poor, late, unhappy, rude.

How this Activity Works

  1. Incoming messages are checked for any keyword.
  2. If the SMS contains one or any of the keywords then all of the tags are applied to the message . If no word matches, no action is taken.
  3. All messages with the same tag are then grouped into a folder of that name. To access the folder click on the tag name of the message in the inbox or select it from the folder list below the type filters. Below is how a folder Newsletter shows messages that have that tag: 


Newsletter folder with tagged messages

Filling in the Activity Details

This Activity needs an Activity Name, a single Keyword (or a list of multiple Keywords separated by commas) and a Tag/Folder Name (or list of multiple Tags).

Below is how a filled form appears with the keywords as news, community and the Tag Folder as newsletter.


Activity Details Form for an Autotag Activity that will put any inbound SMS that contain either the word “news” or “community” into the folder “newsletter” by automatically applying a Tag to the SMS

Managing the Activity

FrontlineSMS shows exactly what happens from the point a new message is received and when the tagging happens. You can see tags on interactions in any list view and can also see more details by clicking on an message in your Inbox and selecting “View this Interaction's Activity actions and other details”.

Below shows 2 tagged messages appear in an Inbox one in the expanded view and one in normal list view.  In both cases the tag newsletter is visible and click-able:Inbox_With_tags_and_without_tags.jpg


Below is how the Autotag Activity explains what happens when it matches an inbound SMS and creates Activity Events.  Here you see two SMS messages that matched the keywords and applied the tags. The view is accessible on any individual Activity page:


Working With Tags

FrontlineSMS allows unlimited Tags to be applied to Interactions (SMS messages, API request, Missed Calls etc.) and provides a way of navigating and grouping interactions into folders.  

To know more about tagging, read this article on Organising your Interactions using tags.

Working with the Mock Phone

To know more about using the Mock Phone to test activities and send dummy “mock” messages, there is a detailed support document showing how this is done.

How are Activities tested with Mock 'fake' SMS messages and the Mock Phone?

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